Category A:  Award for Creative Translation

Wang Shuyi

Honorable mentions
Chen Yiji
Li Shuqing

Wang Shen

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Category B: Award for Video Performance Poetry

Yasmine Anlan Huang

Honorable mentions

Wo Chan
Phoenix Yuan

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Category C: Award for The Ekphrastic Poetry

Zhou Yuchen

Honorable mentions
Zhou Songchao
Ning Lin
Hang Ming
Zhong Haonan
Cong Yi

Category D: Accent New Voice Award

Susie Zhu 

Honorable mentions
Alice Zheng
Li Yuhang
Tiffany Wu

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Congratulations to  all the poets mentioned above.
 We would like to thank the following individuals, groups, platforms and institutions for their  immensely support :

International Jury Group 

Group A

Zhong Na,  Pan Hongru (Pen name: Lin Xiaoyan), Xi Mi, Xu Chi, Liu Haoming
 Yang Quanqiang, Wang Yuguang

Group B

Li Jiaoyang, Chen Si'an, Li Wenjia, Guo Jinhong, Ma Tingying,
Liu Bo, Xu Jinjin, Anne Carson, Jenna Lanzaro

Group C

Consuela Sufei Yang, Wang Yin, Bao Huiyi, Zhang Er,
Tianhe, Yang Xiaobin, Liang Xiaoman, Zhao Song

Group D

Fang Shangyang, Gao Jie, Shan Xiaoyue, Tanaka Yuki

Coordinating Director

Zhou Xiaolin

Live-Streaming Director

He Tianding

Live-streaming Assistants

Travis, Xiao Li

Editorial team

Phoenix Wang
Xu tong

Trophy Patron 

Qi Huang


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