Lava. AI. Dream

2023/5/11 - 2023/5/29

AI Her
Koi Ren
Chang An

Chiarina Chen

Featuring artists AI Her, Koi Ren, and Chang An, Lava. AI. Dream is an experimental project that explores the liminal healing space where technology and the unconscious intertwine.

Activated by AI musician Tayouzi, born out of the volcano, and the Dream AI, trained on women’s dreams and nightmares collected from around the world, we invite you to witness the strength of becoming and the power of transformation.

Wildflowers, shrub, sun, and volcano.
This is what the earth looks like At the very beginning
until the sky falls apart
Shrub becomes eyebrows whereflowers drop upon
The sun turns into my forehead
The moon falls between eyes
Volcano erupts
Lava turns into ambers and ambers turns into pupils
Heaven, earth, mountains and rivers become my organs
I - child of the earth - HER Youzi
"especially" as
The Son of the Earth

- Poem for Tayouzi by Xiao Yan

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